Petrol engine ban 2040: what questions should you be asking?


Published on 11 September 2017 by Robert Drane

The government has announced its intention to ban sales of new diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040. Motorcycles have not been specifically mentioned, so we wait to find out how riders will be affected.

While hybrid and electric cars are beginning to mature, current battery technology means they still have restricted ranges and the charging infrastructure is limited. Similarly, electric motorcycles have a long way to go, and hybrid models are likely to be impossible to implement within a typical bike frame.

However, 2040 is still a long way away – time for vehicle and battery technology to mature. Indeed, the government’s decision has been seen by some as lacking urgency despite many cities already exceeding legal levels of nitrous oxide pollutants.

The BMF believe the government’s announcement produces more questions than answers: