GDPR – Retaining Your Details

For how long do we keep your data ?

  • While you are a member of the club, we will keep your data on the database, and keep you up to date by email with news, and club related information.
  • If you tell us that you wish to stop being a member of the club we will delete your information from our database as soon as possible.  Typically this will happen within a few days, but may take a little longer if it is a holiday period.
  • If your subscription runs out and we have received no response to the reminder notices, then your membership will end.  However, although you will receive no further emails, we often leave your data intact for a couple of months – especially in the summer when members are often away on extended tours.  Unless you contact us, your email address may remain on the broadcaster’s mailing list.
  • We maintain backup copies of the database, and it may take a few weeks longer to ensure that your details are also removed from these backups.

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(GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation introduced as law on 25th May 2018)