Consent Form

The club has a ‘Legitimate Interest’ in processing your personal data – as a member of the club, we need to keep you informed of the various rides and activities that are being organised – as we describe in the document ‘When Joining NPR’ link on the right of this page.  The most effective way of doing this is by email.  We also wish members to remain in the club – so we alert members when their membership is due for renewal, and send reminders (max 2) if necessary.

The majority of the data processing that we carry out is simply sending out emails to club members.  We do not require your consent in order to email members for our declared ‘Legitimate Interest’ – we are simply providing one of the services for which you joined the club.

However, we may also send you information that does not directly relate to you being a member, but which we think may be of interest to you.  The sort of item that may sometimes appear on the club’s news page on the website; information about road improvements or road closures; information about changes in law when riding on the continent, information about difficult to get hold of components, …. that sort of thing.

We do not have to seek your consent for this either – but we do have to provide you with the option to ‘unsubscribe’ – ie to say ‘No more thanks’.

You can use this form to change any of the information that you provided previously.  Fill in the form, click Submit.  Note that if you leave the pillion e-mail blank, we will remove your pillion from the mailing list.

To check against our records
A second verification check
We will always contact you by email regarding your membership and to provide you with information about rides, events and other issued directly related to being a club member. However, here you can opt in or out of receiving other emails which contain information that we consider may be of interest to club members. You can change your mind about this type of email at any time. We recommend saying 'Yes' - but saying 'No' does not deprive you of receiving club related information.
Add your pillion email if s/he wishes to receive the same emails that you receive. If this is left blank your pillion will be removed from all mailing lists.
Please indicate whether or not you wish us to contact you by phone or mobile if it is necessary. We may use your phone numbers if it is necessary to contact you in a hurry - eg in the event of a last minute changes, or if we suspect that e-mail is not getting through to you.

The full details of how we use your information is available from the ‘Our Club’ menu of the website.   Some useful links are provided on the right hand side of this page.