Pan Talk

At Present, the Club Magazine is Not Being Published

But we though that we would leave this page on the site for your interest.

Pan Talk is a periodical magazine which is published on the club’s website when we have enough articles.  Snippets, ride reports, accounts of trips and holidays etc etc are always welcome.  We aim to publish 4 magazines every year, but that’s more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule.

2016 Issue

ptmar16  ptjul16  ptsep16  ptdec16

2015 Issue

ptmar15  ptjun15  ptSep15 ptdec15

2014 Issues

ptfeb14  ptmay14  ptaug14  ptdec14

2013 Issues

  ptjul13  ptoct13  ptdec13

Members may read the pdf files on-line or download them to their own computer.  PanTalk articles have been provided by members, and are provided for interest only – they are not kept up to date, and we cannot guarantee their accuracy.  Often articles relate to a members’ experience rather than to a recommended way of doing things.  You are the person who is responsible for the way that you ride, how you look after your bike, and for knowledge of the highway code and the appropriate Road Traffic Acts.  Nothing in PanTalk should be regarded as a substitute for your own knowledge, skills and judgement.