GDPR – Emails

All Emails

It is very difficult to ensure absolute privacy when sending emails.  Generally speaking, unless every email is sent in a secure, encrypted format, it is theoretically possible to intercept a message as it travels from sender to recipient. This applies to all e-mails in general, not just to emails sent between the club and its members.

Sending any email to anyone will reveal your email address, IP address and possibly your name to the recipient(s), to anyone who happens to be snooping on the network and to anyone with access to the servers which is home to your email account.  As such, e-mails can not be regarded as being private.

In addition to the above, many members – including the club – use an account provided by one of the large internet organisations.  Reports suggest that such companies may harvest and store such information – perhaps from mailing lists or maybe as an email between sender and recipient passes through their servers.  If you dig deep enough you can find this information in their data privacy policies.

In short, your email information is already out there, and is made available every time you send or receive an email.

At NPR Club

We try to make sure that our emails do not provide anything other than what every email is likely to divulge:  This is done in the following ways.

  • When you join the club, your details are filled in on a website form – which is sent encrypted to a secure webserver, and stored there in a database.
  • Committee members who need to know your details can gain access to your information from the database over a secure, encrypted https internet connection.  We do not send your information by e-mail.
  • Payments are made via the PayPal secure website, and no information about your bank details is made available to us.
  • When the broadcaster sends out emails, these are sent to the email address of all members and contain no personal information – unless the message is sent out at the request of a member who has specifically provided details to enable others to make contact.
  • When we make contact concerning your membership renewal, the email will contain very limited personal information – but not enough to identify you to anyone outside the club.  We will include your first name, membership number and 3 characters from your bike registration number so that you can confirm that the email is a genuine one from NPR.
  • We do not include links in our emails.  If you ever receive an email that looks like it comes from us or from a club member and it contains a link, do not click the link.  It isn’t from us !

You should never click links in emails anyway.  They can take you to a different place from the one that you expect.  Don’t believe me ?  Click the link to the club’s home page at and see what happens.