Membership Renewal

This page is designed as an easy way for existing members to renew their membership with NPR Motorcycle Touring Club. You don’t need to remember to do this – we will send you an email at the start of the month when your subscription renewal is due.  If you prefer, you may pay by cheque – just contact our membership secretary.

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.When you click the ‘Pay Now’ button, it will take you to the website for our Paypal account, and invite you to pay £15.00 to renew your subscription.

You do not need a PayPal account to do this – you can pay by Credit card or by Debit card. We will be notified by PayPal once your payment has been made, and they will inform you by email that the transaction has been successful.

We don’t need any other information. PayPal will inform us of your name and/or your e-Mail address. We can locate your existing membership from there.

We do not normally store the additional information provided by PayPal.  However, in rare circumstances we have found that the original member email address does not work.  In this case we will resort to the e-mail address that PayPal provides.  PayPal never provides us with any banking details.

Many thanks for using the on-line system to renew your subscription.