GDPR – Annual Membership Renewals

Annual Membership Renewals

We process your data in order to send out invitations to renew your membership each year.

  • A renewal invite will be sent by email on the anniversary of you joining the club.
  • If no response is received, we will send 2 reminder emails – 2 to 4 weeks apart.
  • We store your next membership renewal date, and use Yes/No flags’ to store information about which renewal and reminder emails have been sent.  This is to make sure that emails are sent in the correct sequence and that you do not receive the same email twice.
  • A record of the last email to be sent is stored in your record along with the date.
  • We keep copies of every email that is sent out for up to one year or until a member leaves the club.

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(GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation introduced as law on 25th May 2018)