European Driving Information from FICC

           Mobile Phone Use.
Italy has drastically increased fines for traffic offences since 1st January 2017.
In addition using your mobile phone, unless it’s a hands-free device will in future result in your loosing your drivers licence for up to two months. For holders of a foreign drivers licence, this would amout to a ban on driving in Italy​.


            Clean air stickers in France – Order your in good time.
Anyone wanting to drive their car in a city centre in France will need a clean air sticker from now on.
Just like in Germany.
After Paris and Grenoble, Lyin has now been declared an environmental zone.
France is expected to add another 20 town this year.
Anyone wanting to visit one of these cities by car from 1st April will need to display a Crit’Air sticker on their windscreen.
You can order one on line from
You will need to fill in your family name, first name, street name and number, post code, town, country and your vehicle registration number.
To complete the process, aparet from your email address, you will need to give details of your ID and the date of registration and make of your vehicle.
Older vehicles registered before 1st January 1997, will not qualify at all.
Payment is by credit card and the sticket will be sent to you by mail.
             Don’t forget the emergency lane
For decades now, it has been compulsory in Germany to make way for the emergency services on a multi laned highway when traffic is at a standstill. This invariably proved to be problematic in practice. so the regulations in their higway code has been simplified. As the holiday season is about to start, we would ask all campers to heed this regualtion whch states:
“As soon as traffic on a motorway or a road outside an urban area, with at least two lanes in each direction slows down to a walking pace or comes to a complete standstill, vehicles must move over to the extreme left and the immediate right lanes to form an emergency lane to allow police  and other emergency seervice vehicles to pass.”
This regulation should ensure that the police and emergency services can drive freely through the traffic.
              Vignette Update
Austria has put up the cost of its motorway vignette slightly for 2017. An annual vignette for a passenger car now costs 86.40 Euro, a two month vignette 25.90 Euro and a ten-day vignette 8.90 Euro.
In Switzerland the annual vignette for private cars and motorcyles is CHF 40 (about 38.50 Euro)
Unlike Switzerland, Austria does not require an extra vignette for trailers or caravans towed by a passenger car.
Car drivers caught without a valid vignette in Austria are fined 120 Euro on the spot. In Switzerland the fine can be as much as CHF 200. Even displaying a vignette in the wrong place can result in a fine. The correct place is on the inside of the windscreen, either at the top left hand side or in the rear mirror area. The windscreen should be clean and dry and not colder than 5 deg C. It should not however be stuck on the tinted band.