Consent Form

We rely on your consent to contact you by e-mail, phone or post.  We send information about rides, events, socials and news to all club members on our mailing list.  However, not everyone joins the club for the same reason, so there is a choice.

We will continue to contact you on issues to do with your club membership account – primarily to alert you when your membership is due for renewal.

Please fill in the form, choose Yes or No for the consent boxes, and click ‘Submit’.  We are not asking for anything new – we are just trying to comply with the new law.  If you select ‘Yes’ for the consent boxes, then the way that we use your data to keep you informed will remain as it is now.

We have your email address and post code already.  We will check the form against our records to verify that the information has been provided by you !

To check against our records
A second verification check
Please indicate whether or not you wish us to contact you by email. We will us this in order to keep you informed of rides, events, newsletters, club magazines, and social events.
Please indicate whether or not you wish us to contact you by phone or mobile if it is necessary. We will use this if it is necessary to contact you in a hurry - eg in the event of a last minute change to a planned event.
An alternative form of contact, if you wish to give your consent. We will use it for delivery of your membership card and welcome pack and occasional other items that cannot be sent by e-mail. Magazines & receipts may fall into the category.
Add your pillion email adress only if your pillion wishes to be added to the mailing list. The same consent applies.

The full details of how we use your information is available from the ‘Our Club’ menu of the website.  Your consent is normally valid for the duration of your membership, but you are free to withdraw your consent at any time – just contact us to let us know..